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[PROMO] We Draw A - Moments / Glimpse+Whirls

by We Draw A


We Draw A
The dreamy electro-pop outfit from Wrocław was founded by vocalist Piotr Lewandowski and Kamp!’s Radosław Krzyżanowski. Their beautiful debut offering is an exploration of the emotive, sensual but still engaging electronica. This is Poland’s most vulnerable and beautiful music.

"Moments" Tracklist:
1. A
2. Reflect
3. City
4. Jumbo Love
5. Done
6. Bruises
7. Winds
8. Lowbanks
9. On Sight

"Glimpse" Tracklist:
1. Glimpse
2. Tears from the sun
3. Try
4. Bound to love

"Whirls" Tracklist:
5. Silent tide
6. Close
7. Waking hour
8. Harm

9. Tears from the sun (Michał Kupicz remix)
10. Harm (Lazy Ligers remix)